This post doesn’t have to do with reloading, guns, ammo, gear, shirts, politics or the Second Amendment.  We’ll get back to all that next week …

The drought out here in California is serious business and the California wildfires are out of control.  There are up to 20 different fires going at the moment.  Lake County was hit hard losing more than 180 homes this weekend.  One of those homes belonged to some friends of ours.   To give you an idea of what we’re talking about the Lake County is 60 square miles and growing.  Old Governor “Moonbeam” Brown has even declared a second State of Emergency.

People were forced to evacuate in a hurry.   In some instances, folks were forced to choose which pets would be evacuated with them and which would be left to fend for themselves.  That’s got to be a rough decision.

The weather forecast this week is for rain and cooler temperatures.  Let’s pray that it will help our Fire Fighters handle business and get these things contained.

As we said, some friends of our lost their home.  Their family has a set up a Go Fund Me page to help them rebuild.  I’m sure there are many others just like it and there are a million causes that need help too.  But if you have a few extra bucks, they’re good people, and anything you can do is appreciated.

You can donate here.   Thanks!