All it takes is a quick look on any cable news network or a short peruse on social media to see that this world is losing its mind … quickly.   Between Islam, political correctness, cop killings, the black lives matter nuts, and moon-bats running our government, things seem to be spinning out of control.  That’s why, for us, its important that we’re carrying and ready to get ourselves out of danger (or at least give it the old college try) should things go sideways.

But the Haters won’t let it go that easily.  That’s not the way it works.  They’re not content until they’re controlling your life and the life of everyone else.  To them Amendments #1 and #2 stand in the way of that.  Thank God.  But that won’t stop them from trying.

There is a very disturbing trend of “SWATTING” those that carry.  For those of you not hip to this term, it’s where an anti-gun idiot will call the police and report a possible active shooter if they see someone carrying in public.  Naturally, this is highly illegal and dangerous.  But since when has the law and common sense that stopped some anti-gun nut?

Another one they’re promoting sounds like a terrific way to get shot.  Some are actually pushing the idea of trying to preemptively pepper spraying or stunning some seen carrying.  This is crazy and these people are out there.

Recently another man attacked a gentleman minding his own business in Walmart just because he happened to notice the man’s concealed weapon.  This is blindingly stupid, friends, and a great way to end up dead.

There is a great post out today by Rick Sapp on on how to deal with hecklers and crazies like this.

The trick is to never give in to these kooks, but to prepare for whatever situation that might arise.   A great way to prepare for anything is by being hyper-aware of your surrounding and knowing the Five D’s as taught by the gentlemen at Active Self Protection.  These guys are great.  Check them out on the Net, Facebook and Instagram.

As always, stay frosty friends and get take a look through the offerings here on

We have a whole new line of shirts that will be coming along soon.   The first to start rolling off will be our two different versions of “Aloha Snack Bar“.    In 1801 U.S. President (and all around BMF) Thomas Jefferson refused to pay “tribute” to the Muslim pirates.  Instead of giving in and paying up, old Tommy Jeffs, sent the United States Marines to kill them instead.    So here is our small way of saying thank you to the 214 years of American Badassery that is the outstanding men and women of the United States Marine Corps.