We at Brass Depot do a lot more than just make quality brass.   We now are taking preorders for our new custom QR Flag shirts.  These shirts not only look bad ass with old glory emblazoned in a digital design on a super soft shirt but the QR codes actually work.  Think of the possibilities …

Your company wants to show its united, tactical, and patriotic side.  No problem.  You can have your company’s website custom set to the QR code in the “stars” section of the flag.  Anyone that scans the QR code with their smart phone is instantly whisked to your website.

Or maybe you’re out in the club making new friends.  Do you write your number on a dirty napkin or start digging for business cards?  Negative.  You just have them snap a quick shot of the QR code with their phone and boom … they’re at your Instagram of FaceBook page.

Maybe you just want to sport a Brass Deport shirt incognito.  You can do that too.

They’re available for preorder now, here on, or you can use the address  They will be ready to ship 10/01/2015.  Check the link for shirt sizes and other details to get your truly customized shirt.  Also keep an eye out for more shirts, hats, and other gear coming soon.

And as always, there is brass for your reloading needs.  We just got in a large shipment of guaranteed once fired government brass.  Come get it … clean, processed, and ready to load.