If you haven’t already, make sure you get out and vote today.  Even if you’re not sure who to vote for.  I know most of us would rather be water boarded than have to hear another election ad, but never fear, there are guides out there to help you find the candidate you can agree with.  Or, if you live in California, like us, it can possibly help you find the lesser of two evils.  The NRA has a good voters guide.  So go do it!  Not only is it your right, but a lot of good men and women fought and died to ensure it.  Make them proud and fight for what you believe in.

There is a lot of big gun-rights battles hinging on these elections.  And a lot of messages that need to be sent to those that would try and trample on your 2nd Amendment rights.  Let’s help those people get the messages loud and clear, Brothers and Sisters.

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