U.S. District Judge, Frederick J. Scullin Jr.,  is contemplating a request to hold the city of Washington D.C.  in contempt of court for its new gun laws.  These laws that are so restrictive that, despite win in the 2009 Palmer v. District case, regular citizens would still not qualify to publicly carry firearms in the city.

You see, D.C, claims that you must prove that you are under a specific threat in order to exercise your Second Amendment right.   How about this for a specific threat?  The ever increasing tyranny of the Government.  That sounds like a serious threat to me.  I’m sure Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and the boys would agree.

I can’t tell you how happy it would make me to see an actual contempt charge get slapped on these slippery politicians.   They think they’re cute and sneaky with their regulations that cannot be met.  Think again, Suckas.

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