It can’t be Constitutional.   But leave it to the kooks running Los Angeles to look to the nut-jobs in San Francisco for inspiration in new gun laws …

In 2007, San Francisco adopted a law that requires gun owners to store their firearms, when not in use, in locked cases or apply trigger locks in their own home.  Let us say that again so it sinks in.  You are required by law, in San Francisco, to lock up your firearm, store your ammunition separately, and/or apply a trigger lock IN YOUR OWN HOME.  What happened to personal responsibility?!

Don’t get us wrong.  We are all for safety and keeping guns out of the hands of those that shouldn’t have them.  But even if you live alone, or are childless, or are part of any one of a million different scenarios where your home is a secure environment – where a gun left on the coffee table – is just as secure as in your safe.  You … that’s right you … you’re breaking the law.  You can’t be trusted.  You don’t know what’s best for you.  Politicians, who have probably never seen a real gun, have decided that you cannot make safe decisions.  You have to lock that up!  You must get a trigger lock on that thing!  Never mind that the home invader won’t give you a chance to open your safe and load your gun.  Forget that they won’t let you take off that trigger lock and get to your separately stored ammunition.   Maybe you can reason with the criminal instead.   Perhaps you can offer them a cup of coffee while they do unspeakable things to you, your family, and your property.

The idiots running Los Angeles, namely Paul Krekorian, Bernard Parks, Gil Cedillo, Bob Blumenfield, Paul Koretz and Mitch O’Farrell, have decided this is such a good idea that they have proposed it to be law there also.  If you live in Los Angeles it might behoove you to contact these numbskulls and let them know what a terrible idea this is.   Clicking on their names above will take you directly to their contact pages.

It’s gotta take a lot of stones to propose such a law in the wake of the woodshed-style ass whoopin’ the Democrats took last Tuesday … or stupidity.  We’re not sure which.  Even in Los Angeles, one would think they might want to hold off on new crazy gun laws.  Maybe they were emboldened by the gun grabbers hanging onto a few of their seats in Colorado.  Seriously Colorado?  What happened?  But still you’d think the LA guys would have heard about the new law in Pennsylvania allowing politicians and municipalities that propose unconstitutional gun laws to be sued.  But no, not LA.  Nope, they’re doubling down on the same brand of stupidity that got Democrats slaughtered last week.

If it passes, we’re not sure who the poor bastards are that will be tasked with the job of going door-to-door checking for safes and trigger locks.  LA County Sheriff LAPD?  I don’t envy that job.  I’m sure there are plenty of old school guys out there happy to let them examine their firearms … bullets first.  The one thing you can be sure of though, those city Councilmen won’t be the ones donning the brown shirts and going to check.  They’ll be too busy coming up with the next law that protects you from yourself.

Americans are waking up.  But will we wake up in time to jump out of pot before the water starts to boil?  In the meantime, why not pick up a Biometric Gun Box here at Brass Depot and get a jump on the idiots making the laws?

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