Luckily, it ain’t, but here’s the story.

Of all the places I could see crap like this coming from, it certainly wasn’t Texas. Yet, here it is. A Dallas area Walmart has refuses to release a photo of Stephanie Wehner and her fiancé, Mitch Strobl posing with Strobl’s beloved Ruger Red Label 12-gauge.

You’re telling me that one of the most firearms-friendly stores in America apparently has a “no weapon” policy? Just so I understand correctly, they will not print photos where weapons are present? Really?

Well that’s the story that the clerk in the photo department gave when questioned by Wehner. Her reasoning is somewhat noble but terribly flawed. The clerk claimed it is Walmart’s policy to not promote the “gang culture.”

I think we can all agree that this … 635562985005252299-shotgunphoto2
Is a far cry from this …                     Mexgangs

What about this one?                        KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA
Think the United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Team has a little too much “gang culture” for them? Maybe it’s just a little too much, freedom loving, American bad assery packed into one photo?

I admit I’m slightly picking on Walmart unfairly here.  After all, the photo departments of Walmart stores are run by outside contractors. Okay, fair enough. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a terrible policy being promoted under the guise of a Walmart policy.  I would also venture to say that most Walmart shoppers didn’t know that.   And, Walmart ends up taking the heat for idiotic policies.

In Walmart’s defense, a spokesperson later came out and walked back the policy statement. Saying there is no such policy with Walmart. “We had a new associate who was misinformed. Her actions are not consistent with our policy,” the Spokesperson said.  Whew! Crisis adverted.

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On a final note we’d like to say that our thoughts and prayers are with those in France after the horrific Islamic terrorist attack that took the life of 12 innocent people over a cartoon.  A cartoon?! We wish our French friends Godspeed in hunting down those evil bastards. Give’m a 5.56mm pill of justice for us!