A lot of you fine folks out there couldn’t care less about what happens out here in California.  And with what happens out here who can blame you?  The majority of people (namely the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco) elect crazy people, tax ourselves into oblivion, and set up sanctuary cities to allow the illegals invading us to have forward operating bases.   One of these crazy people that have been elected is dirt-bag extraordinaire, California’s Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, Democrat (duh).   Newsom has proposed the “Safety for All Act” that will come to the 2016 ballot.   This is a broad sweeping attack on the law-abiding gun owners of California.  Naturally this will have zero effect on crime prevention and 100% effect on crime acceleration  … because by definition, criminals do not obey the law.

Newsom would leave all the good people of California defenseless while he himself protects himself with an armed security force that costs the California taxpayers MILLIONS.  Furthermore, this idiot went on “Real Time” with Bill Maher and proposed the idea that “the guy with the gun that’s going to come save the day” is a myth.   Easy to say when you have a multi-million dollar, taxpayer funded, ARMED security service.   To his credit, Maher, disagreed and came back with actual logic.  Newsom who, of course, cannot defend against logic and reason dodged Maher’s questions.

It is beyond me how idiots and hypocrites like these continue to win in this country and thrive in the once great state of California.   The state that brought us an All-American bad ass like Ronald Regan.  This state can be great once again.  It needs to be liberated and restored to its former glory.   Help groups like the NRA and FPCSADC fight the idiots if you can.