Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays around.   Not only do you get to stuff yourself like a pig, hang out with the family, and watch football, but it’s also a good chance to sit back and reflect on how blessed we all really are.  Because no matter how bad you think you might have it sometimes, I’m sure there are literally millions, if not billions, of people in this world that have it way worse.

When the bills pile up, Obama starts throwing out Emperor-like decrees, work slows down, a riot starts over some media fed circus act, or whatever it is … Chances are you still have clean water to drink, a roof of some kind over your head, and access to food.   I know I’m guilty of complaining about how bad things are, but it’s important to remember that whatever it is, it could be worse.  We should say often, “but for the grace of GOD there go I.”

Like the saying goes, “I complained that I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet.”

That being said, it’s equally important to learn the TRUE story of Thanksgiving.   And, even more important to teach it to our kids.  If you haven’t heard it, the true story will open your eyes.  It is very different from the nonsense you’re taught in school.  The Pilgrims weren’t starving and haggard, dancing on deaths door, only to be saved by the Indians.  The real story of Thanksgiving is a story of true Capitalism and abundance.  As a matter of fact, the deeper you dig into the history of everything, the more you’ll find that the story you thought you knew is probably wrong.

Say what you’d like about the man and his politics, but Rush Limbaugh’s telling of the true story of Thanksgiving (from his second book “See, I Told You So“) is probably the best around.  And, what’s better still, is he does it with the writings from the journal of William Bradford himself (the leader of the original Pilgrims).  It’s even better to hear him tell it.  Check it out here … The True Story of Thanksgiving.

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