50 round gatling gun belt (.22 LR)

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.22lr Gatling gun 50 Round Belt

Expertly crafted to ensure flawless feed and function, the Tippmann Ordnance .22LR 50-Round Gatling Gun Belt offers unparalleled performance for serious shooters. This high-capacity ammunition belt is designed specifically for use with the renowned Tippmann Ordnance .22LR Gatling Gun, allowing you to experience the thrill of uninterrupted rapid-fire shooting sessions.

Easy to load and unload, this belt makes it a breeze to prepare for your next target practice or plinking session. It provides the convenience of a swift setup and teardown, saving you valuable time and allowing for more focus on your shooting skills.

Note: This product is designed to be used specifically with the Tippmann Ordnance .22LR Gatling Gun and .22 Long Rifle ammunition. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and local laws when using firearms.


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